White’s trash is now wastefree!

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Trash from door to dumpster isn’t a typical “vendor service.” It is an additional source of revenue, as well as an amenity, one that everyone can use. Best of all, unlike other amenities, it doesn’t cost anything to operate and it dramatically increases your properties NOI.

Apartment Door Trash Removal Company
Your Apartment's Door Trash Pick Up Service.
Apartment Trash Service
Trash From Door to Dumpster Service.


  • No trash out during leasing hours
  • Thousands, possibly tens of thousands per year in additional revenue
  • Reduced operating expenses
  • Higher property values
  • Risk mitigation
  • Decrease turnover expenses
  • Adds value to both residents and management
  • Your residents will love it.

Valet Trash SERVICES don’t have to be so expensive!


FIVE (5) Day Trash Valet Service
Collection occurs five (5) nights per week, Sunday evening through Thursday evening. We ask that residents leave their trash can outside their front door between 6PM and 8PM, and ask that the can is brought inside before 9AM or the following morning. Service begins at 8PM.

Trash Bins for all your Residents
In order to provide you with the cleanest, most uniform service, we give each resident in the community a white, 13 gallon trash can (with a lid) free of charge. We will also continue to replace the trash cans for free, should they become damaged or needed by a new tenant.

Professional Team Members
All White’s Trash team members are, W2 employees, wear logoed uniforms, undergo thorough background checks and extensive training. They are punctional, respectful and embody what it means to be a “service” provider.
Power Washing Service

As a complimentary addition to our service, we professionally power wash the common area corridors where trash is left, as well as dumpster area(s), trash chutes, and residents’ trash cans once per year.

So long as a recycling dumpster is provided, recycling is picked up on all service dates. Additional recycling cans are available for free upon request.

Redundant Route System
In order to ensure trash is always collected from your property, our Redundant System guarantees your property is visited by two team members each night, one automatically backing up the other. To date, we’ve never missed a service.
Odor Control

Particurlarly in closed-hallway communities where odor is a primary concern, we use all reasonable efforts to control the odor emanating from the trash cans and corridors. Odor will not be a problem!

Reporting of Violations
In the event of a violation we will photograph and document the violation, (violation number, number of violations the resident has had, and the recommended coarse of action) and report all violations on our website, complete with username and password, 48 hours after each service.

Residental Literature

Each resident will receive a Resident Flyer and a refrigerator magnet outlining service dates and rules of service. All of our material contains a QR code linking to a video which encourages resident cooperation and participation.

Additional Security

Although security is not our focus, since our uniformed crew will be throughout the community five (5) nights per week, many customers tell us it is a great crime deterrent. Our team members are trained to report all crime or suspicious activity to management (or the police, if warranted).

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